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  • Version: 7.1

Control your home's music with Sonos

Sonos is the control app for the speaker system of the same name. Once you've installed wireless speakers in every room of your house, you can use this app to fill the house with music, stream your favourite radio station or play the sound from your television. From your desktop, you can control the sound in every room of your home, even playing different music in different areas.

Central control of all your music

The Sonos app is a simple way to control the different speakers that make up your Sonos system. The design and layout are simple and it's easy to interface with music services like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music, or whatever you use to manage your music collection. You can create playlists or lists of favourites for each speaker, tracking them separately or creating a single playlist for the whole building. Each speaker can have different volume settings, too, so that a listener in one room can rock out while music in another doesn't drown out the conversation. You can also use a miniature version to control music playback without having to launch the full app. The visual design is a little outdated compared to modern Mac apps, but this doesn't affect performance.

Gets the job done

If you're a Sonos user, this app is a great way to control your speakers and manage your music from an OSX device.


  • Simple user interface
  • Easy integration with music services


  • Outdated visual design
  • No rating support

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Sonos 7.1 for Mac

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